Wondrous Weekends away

One of the best things about moving to this side of the world is the fact we have the all-amazing Europe right on our door step. There are so many countries, each with their unique cultures, art and architecture! And of course, my favorite part, the food and wine!

2017 has bought me some new adventures, and I have officially ticked off my 30 before 30 list (with 5 years to go yeehaaah!). Of these, my highlights have been Iceland, Germany (Berlin), Portugal (Faro), Sweden (Stockholm) and soon to be Czech Repulic (Prague)!

“How can you afford this?” I hear you asking? Well, when it comes to a good deal, I’m there. My husband actually thinks I should set up a travel business where I find people cheap flights! You see, I thrive off a good bargain – and I never pay more than £150 all up for a weekend away!

My trips this year have all been amazing, yet very, very different. I’ve already written about my chilly trip to Iceland… and our next stop was Berlin.

Seeing as I had just come out of hospital, I had to go to Berlin in my chair – my first time experiencing a weekend away when I was fully dependent on my chair (and Elliot to push), however, it did not stop me having the most fun! My good friend Katherine had been living in Berlin a year, so she was able to show us all the cool spots.

Our highlights were walking along the wall of Berlin and seeing the spectacular street art, having real coffee, having a picnic and wine at the abandoned airport (which also included me racing a whole load of cyclists in my chair) and the Sandemanns free walking tour (which we managed to navigate quite easily in my chair)! We stayed in a lovely 4 star hotel which was being renovated so we got free champagne (which Kat and I utilized) and frozen yoghurt every day! Not to mention an amazing breakfast following Katherine and my night out to a very, um, interesting club! I think I definitely got the whole Berlin experience!

On our last day in Berlin we were recommended a boat tour, which we soon came to realize was only in German, and we got quite sunburnt! Then our flight home got cancelled but kudos to easy jet holidays we were put up in a hotel and got to spend another day exploring! It was definitely a fun-filled weekend!

My next two trips were girls trips, with my kiwi friends Agnes and Alix.

Agnes and I got a cheap deal to Faro, stayed in a hotel with a nice pool, and enjoyed the 30 degree heat. We ate and drank many, many cocktails and the seafood was delicious!

We got a boat ride out to Desert island, where we drank more cocktails in the sunshine, followed by beach laying and book reading! The next day was pool, beach and food – the perfect recipe for relaxation! I definitely want to go back to Portugal and see more of the country!

My most recent trip was to Sweden with Alix… and what a fab time that was! We were on a budget so we bought rum and coke at duty free and stocked up with the yummy complimentary breakfasts from our hotel (Alix felt uncomfortable with this at first but it paid off)!

The first day we clocked 30,000 steps walking around the old city – the different buildings were breathtaking! We also accidentally stumbled across the changing of the guards at the royal palace which was cool! In a short 48 hours we did as many Swedish things as we could, we found cinnamon rolls and coffee (SO EXPENSIVE THOUGH), saw a real life moose, and of course I had to get meatballs from the flagship IKEA!

I almost forgot to write about our day trip to France with our good friends Eve and Dan. We bought 30 bottles of wine and had delicious French food – needless to say I’ll deffo be going on another booze cruise after NZ!

There are still many countries on my to do list here in Europe, but I’m enjoying ticking a few off each year and soaking up the different cultures! I definitely have an adventurous heart and can’t wait for more travel antics in the future!

Next stop Prague! Until then,

K xo


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