A brave soul

“A true friend freely, advises justly, assists readily, adventures boldly, takes all patiently, defends courageously, and continues a friend unchangeably.” –William Penn

This blog has been in writing since my good friend Kim, moved back to Iceland for some time out with her family. I’m a little embarrassed that it’s only being published now, after she was home for the entire summer, I went to visit her, and now she is back living in Milton Keynes. I can blame some of this on recent hospital stays, but mostly, this is due to laziness, and too many musings to articulate.

So. Why name this post a brave soul you ask? Meet Kim. For me, she is the definition of brave. No matter what life has thrown at her, she has handled it with such grace and beauty. Although her plate has been full, she has time for her close friends, always giving sound advice and noticing when someone else is going through a hard time. And she doesn’t let anyone stop her from living life to the full.


When we first met we instantly bonded, probably because we both became third culture kids at the tender age of 13. For Kim, she moved to Iceland, and in May, I had the privilege of spending a very lovely long weekend in her second home! I don’t think she believed anyone would be crazy enough to visit her for a weekend, but when I say I’m going to do something, I like to mean it! Originally, I was going to talk a lot more about Kim, and the way she inspires me to be brave and continue living life even when the odds seem stacked against you. However, given the amount of time it’s taken me to write this, I thought I should add in my all amazing trip to Iceland, as the world deserves to share its beauty!

Getting on the plane, definitely could have been smoother. We had a shed load of traffic on the way to the airport, and luton was rampacked at 6am. Thanks to elliots efficient driving we still got to Luton with 20 mins to spare. I hadn’t had time to even have a coffee, and had to be that annoying person jumping the line to get on the plane! I ran (which is a feat in itself for me) and luckily I was the last one on the plane. I didn’t know if I wanted to laugh or cry or sleep. And as soon as I had time to take a deep breath, I realised id jumped out of the car so fast I’d forgotten my coat… but Iceland wouldn’t be that cold right?! Wrong. At least I got a coffee on the plane journey which allowed me to wake up so I wasn’t all zombie when I reached Kim.


Being an adventure junkie like me, Kim had the perfect, jam packed weekend planned. From the airport we had a beautiful drive home, followed by Kim’s mums specialty waffles. We then went on our first road trip to Gullfoss and Geysir, both of which were breathtaking waterfalls (and not just because I didn’t have my coat)… I did think I was going to be blown away though!! In the evening, we went to Kim’s local gym, which has 3 outdoor hot pools; SUCH a good way to relax!! This was followed by a girls night, which of course included prosecco and nail painting!


The next day, Kim gave me my very own golden circle tour, and we went to Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss. I was lost for words with the beauty of Iceland; some parts reminded me of New Zealand, and some were completely new. And I’ve never seen water so blue!! Once we’d come back from our tour, we had a BBQ with Kim’s family, another session at the hot pools, and then icecream down on the river bank. Being by the water calmed my soul so much, and I can’t thank Kim and her family enough for having me.


I love the fact I have friends that I can adventure the world with, even if it’s at a slightly slower pace than I’d like. Watch out for my next blog, telling the tales from Berlin and Faro and my upcoming trip to Stockholm, Sweden. This year I’m all about making the most of my time, and that means plenty of weekend trips exploring the world! After all, friends, travel and wine are my favourite things!

Until next time,

Keira xo


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