Moroccan Musings

I don’t know how this has taken me so long to write – sorry again for the slackness! I thought it would be cool to do a photo blog to show our short trip to Morocco back at the start of July 🙂

Although money is often tight for us, I’m the best at finding cheap deals – and this one was a steal. We travelled with Fleetway travel from Luton to Marrakech – stayed in a fancy 5 star hotel, had free transfers to town, and buffet breakfast and dinner every day for 4 days (3nights) – all for less than £200!!!
As I’m a tech-noob the captions are beneath each picture – hopefully this looks ok from a computer screen!

This is the first photo I took, at Marrakech airport! It’s not a great picture but both Elliot and I were amazed with the architecture! (The other side was a modern building) Also stepping off the plane into 35 degree heat was such a treat!!
This is a steamy picture of our hotel – you can see how hot it is just from the steam! In all fairness we thought there was going to be a trap, that the hotel would be dingy, but it was far from that!! I’d definitely give the Pullman Marrakech Palmerie spa resort a 10/10! 
Here’s a cheeky picture of my good looking Husband waiting for our room key to arrive with tea on the hotel! (sorry had to throw that in there) 
We booked the trip with Brad and Lynda, our next door neighbours (at the time)… I may have convinced them all after a few too many wines one night… I’m sure everyone was grateful in the end 🙂 It was fab having them with us and luckily Lynda brought two pairs of sunnies cos I forgot mine (I may be too stingy when it comes to packing light lol)
Our comfy bed! We paid an extra £2 to be upgraded – definitely worth it! Minus a few problems with Brad and Lynda’s room, we couldn’t have asked for better! Room service even bought us a corkscrew so we could drink our cheap wine from the airport (haha you guys know me, always out for a bargain and saving money!!)
Brad with food. Good food, good cocktails and sunshine makes an amazing time!!
Look at these bean bags! While we were away I read a whole book whilst sitting in this pool – absolutely divine!
Another picture of the blue skies from my shades spot (come on, I’m ginger, so I only can enjoy the sunshine for circa 5 minutes at a time ;))
The sunsets were out of this world!! 
These pictures are all from the Souk Markets. We got the free shuttle bus into the center and were shown around by some locals for free! (They take you to their families businesses to give them money but it was a fab way to to see some behind the scenes, less touristy parts too!)  We managed to get some great bargains, watched Moroccan oil being made, paid €2 for an average massage, and I got conned into having a “cheap” henna that wasn’t so cheap (TOP TIP- only take limited cash so you can show people you don’t have money – that way they leave you alone!!)
We visited Marrakech in the last week of Ramadan, which means this usually packed square was almost empty! Visiting during Ramadan means it is less busy so we could enjoy looking around without too many other people there! In the heat it would have been so overwhelming if the markets had been full of people too!!
A picture of the crew! We got a great deal to see the city from a horse and carriage – definitely a great way to see all the sights, including the back streets! 

It was bizzare to see so many camels on the side of the road. Thankfully, riding a camel was ticked off my bucked list a few years ago! I don’t think I’ll ride one again unless it’s into the Atlas Mountains one day!!!
More pictures from our amazing hotel featuring Brad and some refreshing Sangria!!
This is Martyn and Elliot, family friends from Gisborne, NZ who just happened to be there the same time as us! Martyn grew up in Morocco so we went for an authentic Moroccan meal! Chicken tagine- YUM
And last but not least our view from the plane! I definitely want to go back to Morocco again one day, to see the beach towns and visit the Atlas Mountains! For now though, our next stop is Barcelona so watch out for another photo blog soon!!
Until then,

Keira xo


3 thoughts on “Moroccan Musings

  1. Thank you for this Keira, so interesting as Amelia and I are going to Marrakesh for Christmas and will be crossing the Atlas mountains for new year in the Sahara camping. Going by camel – I WAS looking forward to that!


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