March movings

Isn’t it funny that we always seem to want life to either slow down or speed up. Or is that just me?!

Over the last few months, life seems to have flown by. The good ole saying of , “time flies when you’re having fun” is too true. But I am learning to love the fast pace, and appreciate days like today when I can sit back and smile at recent happenings.

You see, I have a real issue with wanting my life to slow down so I can appreciate it more. Which is silly really, because I could just be enjoying it, rather than wasting time wanting to enjoy it. And then at other points in life, I just want things to hurry up, and to fast-forward.

I need to have a major attitude change to help me to be content in the stage I am in – again, if any of you have tips please fire them my way!

Some of you know I did a project a wee while ago to help me through a dark time in my life, where I documented one photo each day with something good in it. This project taught me that although not every day is good, there is actually something good in every single day. There I go sounding cheesy again, I have a talent for that eh? But sticking to my point (I swear I was going somewhere), I learnt that through that year, I needed to keep looking for the good to remember life is a massive blessing in itself – and I needed to live it as much as I could.

I got quite a lot of stick for doing this challenge (#keira365), and people thought that I was parading my happiness on social media. Some even accused me of faking a happy life. But as I’ve just said, that was not the aim of the challenge, and I learnt so much by doing it that it was definitely worth it for me!

A song by Sara Bareilles came up in my playlist while I was writing this blog, and the words struck me with how much relevance they had to what I wanted to say,

“There’s too many things that I haven’t done yet
Too many sunsets
I haven’t seen
You can’t waste the day wishing it’d slow down
You would’ve thought by now
I’d have learned something”

Sara wrote on a blog that she wrote this song as a reminder to herself to keep going in search of love, truth and light. She made a comment that she didn’t want to settle for less.

This is exactly why I connected to this song. I know, and admit I am not so good at searching for this love sometimes. Actually, quite a lot of the time I am irritable, grumpy and uninspired. I let the idea of feeling sore cripple me in itself, making excuses of why I don’t want to get up. But I can also find peace that I know when I put my mind to it, I can keep searching for that love, keep giving out love, and keep living life to the full.

The reason why my life has been flying past since my last post has been extremely full, and wonderful. After essentially getting the all clear from the hospital for 6 months, I have been a “lady of leisure” or so to speak. I have been having a break off work (with some babysitting shifts in the middle) – giving me plenty of time to read, write, catch up on sleep, and see my friends.

One weekend, I went to Edinburgh with Elliot, and my kiwi friends Olivia and Melanie. It was so good to spend some quality time with these girls, and Edinburgh was such a treat. Elliot sprained his foot just before we went, so walking there was a little issue. But we still got to see so much of the city from the hop-on-hop-off bus, and had some fabulous food! We are excited to go back and spend more time there when our close friends Jess and Scott move there in June.



The night before we left for Edinburgh, Elliot and I moved into a new place. I can’t describe how lovely it is to have our own space; a place to unpack and make our peaceful home. We are learning quickly that we don’t have a lot of things we’ve previously taken for granted – such as a sink plug, dish rack and a microwave! Thankfully once again, my family here have been fabulous, stocking us up on things we’ve needed and helping us move – so now it is just the exciting task of rebuilding items up slowly. I think starting from scratch again definitely helps us to be more grateful for the items we do have! Here are some photos from our little humble abode – please excuse the crappy lighting and phone picture taking!


I also have spent a couple of days in London, catching up with old kiwi friends. It’s funny – I seem to be seeing a lot of NZers over on this side of the world (but I definitely am not complaining)! One day I went exploring with my friend Rachael’s mum, Liz. We went to the art gallery, for ice cream in the park and then to dinner followed by the show Billy Elliot. If any of you are in London, I definitely recommend this show – it’s one of the best I’ve seen.


When I haven’t been galavanting around or babysitting, I have spent my days meeting new friends for lunch and coffee – I finally feel like I’m starting to get my life back and really settle in here. (A massive thanks to everyone who has welcomed us!) My mood has also gone up as it has been mega sunny this past week! We even had our first BBQ (kudos to Andy and Jane) and today I added to my freckle collection when I sat in the sun for lunch at the Markets with Sneha and Jen!

On top of these great events we’ve been bust with celebrating family birthdays and different social events; no wonder time is flying. I had such a fright when I realised it was the middle of April already! But instead of wishing life would slow down, I am going to remember to enjoy these events as they are happening (please hold me to this!)

Until next time,

Keira xo



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