Sunday Musings

The wonderful Kerry at has started blogging each week with her Sunday thankfulness. Although I am not disciplined to do this each week, I thought after a smashing (and long) week I’d join the bandwagon and write what I am grateful for (NB: this will double up as a life update so win-win)

– I am thankful for my first week (albeit a very bit week due to other events) in a temp admin role at World Vision UK! I am excited to get stuck into work and work alongside some great people!

– I am thankful for the power of technology. I love the fact that when I am missing someone, I can quickly ring them and see their faces! Thanks to all my wonderful friends who have kept me smiling and spoken to me this week!

– I am extremely thankful for my fiancé (puke alert… but its true!) Not only does he always make me smile and wants to spend the rest of his life with me, he has also booked to come and move to the UK (visa approved whoop!) It is slightly daunting starting this adventure without him, so it is wonderful to have security that he arrives on Feb the 3rd for a year full of adventures!

– I am grateful for family. It is so lovely to have endless cuddles, laughs and drinks with my favourite people. It has been a wonderful weekend with the Liverpool Rads, and makes me excited to see the other side of my family and extended family in the new year! It is great to be in the same country as you all!

– This week we farewelled our Aunty Thelma, and it was so nice to be able to attend her funeral. I love this aspect of family; sticking together through good times and bad

– I am grateful I have finally got a UK bank account! Once I have a phone bill I can finally have proof of address!

-I am grateful for Marfan Experts. Not only did I receive three different lovely emails, but I am hoping to see someone at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford in the near future, so that is a great progression from not hearing back!

– I am grateful for the continuous love and support I have. There are so many people (too many to even name) that keep me upbeat and positive during trials!

So there you have it! A wee update on the life of England happenings!!

Until next time (I’ll try update soon!)

Keira xo


4 thoughts on “Sunday Musings

    1. Aww! I miss you too! But yes, great update on Marf expert, and saw a lovely GP today!! I keep laughing at things, and no one gets my sick humour here haha. At least you guys pretended to laugh haha! much love to all xox

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  1. So many exciting things! Congrats on the job, and so exciting that Elliot’s visa was approved! Now I just have to save save save so I can visit 🙂 (I can dream right) xxxx


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